Our Fees

Do contact us for a detailed quotation.

The figures below are illustrative. They include the costs of initial and review meetings with parents, referrers, and the child. They also include costs of administration, materials, and travel within a 10 mile radius of King’s Lynn. Extra charges would be incurred for court attendance, court reports and further liaison meetings.

10 Session Intervention: £650

  6 Session Intervention: £435

If you think it seems expensive, remember:

  • It is therapy, and not just play.
  • Each session involves about 90 minutes of work in addition to the actual session itself - analysing the session and formulating hypotheses, setting up, and reporting to relevant professionals and parents/carers.
  • Play materials need to be replaced.
  • Preparation, travel, and time is involved in liaison meetings.
  • Play Therapists have to be regularly supervised and supervision has to be paid for.

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